Top Outsourcing Tricks

Published: 03rd July 2006
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Top 5 Outsourcing Secrets

Marketing Gurus have learned how to produce great selling products and fantastic looking websites. How? They have learned some easy outsourcing tricks. With Elance and RentaCoder, anyone with a few bucks can post projects ranging from building software to writing eBooks to developing websites.

Here are some secrets that will save you time and money:

1) Where to go? You can go to and hire programmers to do ANYTHING and everything. If you have an idea about software, then go here now and have programmers bid on the project. You pick the best programmer and they do all the work.

2) Step by Step Instructions - When you rent a coder, he/she will need step by step by step directions telling them what to do. One time, I told my coder, "You will need to integrate scripts in my webpage." The coder came back and told me that I didn't tell them to build the scripts. They thought that I had the scripts and they were going to integrate them easily. They need specific, detailed instructions.

3) Samples - Make sure that your coder is giving you samples of their work as time goes by. Remember, if it's a two week project, you can't wait two weeks later to review it. If you don't like their work, you have to know immediately. I have fired people on the spot for sending me crap.

4) Outsourcing Scam There are TONS of people out there who will accept your project for $100 and then hire it back out for $50. They do no work and profit an easy $50. This looks good on paper, but through experience, the communication is lost between parties and deadlines pass and projects go incomplete. Beware!

5) Rating System - If someone does a great job, rate them a TEN. If they don't communicate to you, give them a ONE. They don't get a chance to view your feedback until they've given yours. So you can be HONEST! Help other buyers out by letting them know!

6) Stick with the Best - Find good workers and STICK with them. Build relationships with them, and I promise they will produce quality work. If you want someone to do ABOVE and BEYOND work, offer them incentives like bonuses or actual joint venture deals.

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